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We know that you like to see a sample of the new Licesafe® before you commit to a purchase - which is why we want to make the process of getting one as easy for you as possible. Simply follow the instructions below and your sample will be with you as soon as possible.

In addition to the cost of the sample, you will be charged for shipping and administration fee. If you place an order for at least 250 pieces, we will subtract the amount from you invoice.

Yes, I would like to order a sample of the licesafe®.

How to pay:
Payment should be made by remitting in Euro's to bank account (IBAN) NL02SNSB0635014017 (BIC) SNSBNL2A at the SNS Bank Amsterdam. In favour of: UTS BV, NL Weesp.

Do not forget to add your name (or e-mailaddress) and the reference number. You will receive the reference number by e-mail, after submitting this sample order.

Your samples will be shipped by TNT Post Services within a few days after your payment has been received.

Address your correspondence to:
UTS BV, P.O. Box 83, 1380 AB Weesp - The Netherlands.

Organisation type School. Childcare.
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A sample of the new LiceSafe® in BLUE
colour (with a green colour cutting).
€ 3,50
A sample of the new LiceSafe® in GREEN
colour (with a blue colour cutting).
€ 3,50

  Shipping- and administration fee UK €5,50
  Totaal including 21% VAT(tax) €1,71
I accept the terms.